Vision 2.0

My vision for Emery County

OneCountyWebMy vision hasn’t changed, it’s been focused.

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One County is the focus of all that I have been saying and campaigning on. I like it because it’s not divisive or partisan, it’s inclusive and positive.

One County is a motto for us to build a better county through working together as citizens, businesses and government officials.

Even though some of our towns are far away from each other we can come together and work together as one county, with a focus and a vision.

Balanced County Representation and Unity

With a balanced representation of the people in Emery County we can have better collaboration to come up with best solutions to the problems facing our county and communities and that will make our county more effective and efficient.

I believe that knowledge is power. Ben Carson said in his book, One Vote, “The more you know, the more valuable you become” and we, as a county, need to figure out a better way yo get the information out to the citizens and businesses (See below). I believe this maxim is true, “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

Make Government more Accessible and Transparent to the People

I want to use the county website and social media as a way to get information out to the citizens of Emery County. I want to let you know what we are doing and working on, announcing bids, open public comment or inspection, and state and federal issues that will affect us. Knowledge is power and I want the people to have it.

Transparency in Taxes

I want to create an infographic on what moneys the county takes in as fines, fees, taxes, PILT and grants; then break it down into how and where it all is spent. I believe in taxation with representation, we should know where the goes. So we all can have the correct information.

Grow a Diverse and Viable Local Economy

We need to focus on what we have in our county and grow from within. I want to see Emery County utilize and optimize the industries we have, namely: tourism, ranching/farming and energy, while also attracting manufacturing and/or tech businesses to come to our county.

One of the ways to help businesses build and expand here is for the county to set money aside for economic development to incentivize businesses by cutting the cost to build their business and to hire more employees and give them information .

Keep Water Rights and Shares Locally Controlled

We need to preserve our water rights, and keep local control.  Without water for our cities, businesses, citizens or our ranchers and farmers we have no economy.

Keep Public Lands Open for Multiple Uses

I do believe in conservation, but not to the point where we can’t use the lands we have around us. We should be good stewards of our lands. Our lands need to be open for multiple uses, so all can use the lands we have for work and enjoyment.

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