IMG_2475aI usually don’t like to talk about myself, I believe that our actions should speak for us. However, for the sake of those who don’t know me, here we go…

I am married with four kids, two of which were born at Castleview Hospital.

We have lived in Green River since 2006, when we moved here after we bought the Robbers Roost Motel. We saw the potential in the business and the city of Green River, and as we became more involved, the potential of Emery County. We feel blessed to be here in this community and to work together at the motel.

My wife and I are involved with high school athletics. Our family is also involved in our church.

In my spare time, our family enjoys hiking, geo-caching, biking, riding our ATV, swimming, playing board games, etc. Generally, we just love to play together.

I have served on Green River City Council, and I currently serve on the Emery County Travel Board, Emery County Business Chamber, Green River Planning and Zoning Board, and a Green River Business Group, we have affectionately called “Pot Luck”. In these groups we have worked to better Green River and Emery County.

I believe in the potential of the entire Emery County.

Thank you for your support!

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