Commissioner’s Report 35

July 2, 2017

Feet on the ground

Recently, I have had many opportunities to go out and see what the land and terrain look like. Nothing beats feet on the ground.

Part of our discussion with the Bureau of Reclamation regarding possible flooding in Green River was a visit to the Curtis Rozman’s farm. Curtis discussed when his farm flooded in 2011 and almost went broke. This year the Bureau released water from Flaming Gorge Dam early and mitigated the possibility of flooding this year.

Public Land Council went on a field trip south of Green River into the Lower San Rafael. We stopped at the San Rafael River, Bull Bottom, Keg Knoll and finally Horseshoe Canyon.

Moonshine wash with the family.

Coby Hunt, Ray Peterson and I went to see if there was a trail to that could be developed to over the bench in the Book Cliffs north of Green River for access into s Wilderness Study Area (WSA). It was a good hike. While people could hike it, it would be really hard to develop the trail into a trail suitable for horses or mules.

Last but not least, is the multiagency exercise, called Operation Pirate. Many of you have probably seen photos from the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page. Some of the agencies involved were Emery County Sheriff & Search and Rescue & rope team, National Guard, Chevron Pipeline, Rocky Mountain Power (Hunter plant & Huntington plant), Grand County, Duchesne County, Carbon County, XTO, Utah Division of Emergency Management, Utah DPS aviation, FBI, State & Federal EPA, and Utah state parks.

The scenarios that were covered are:

  • How to handle large oil spill in the Green River with containment boom
  • Rescuing injured rappellers
  • Extraction of injured people by helicopter hoist or skid load
  • Extraction of injured people and rescue personnel by river boats

These are my picts and vids.

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