Mosquito Monday

Word from the County Weed and Mosquito Director, Cory Worwood:

One of mosquito controls biggest challenges is the public perception that the Fogger truck represents mosquito abatement. One complaint I get a lot is “you have not been doing mosquito control in my town because I have not heard the fogger go by.” Please keep in mind that most mosquito control is done during the day by a guy on foot or ATV. The goal is to kill the mosquito larva and pupa in the water.

Notice that most of a mosquito’s life cycle takes place in standing water.

Most of our mosquito control efforts are focused on finding, preventing, draining and treating standing water. The fogging trucks that drive around at night only kill adult mosquitoes and make up less than ¼ of our mosquito control efforts.

A lot of mosquito problems can be avoided by:

  • Fixing leaks promptly (Fields and yards)
  • Drain objects that hold water (kid pools, wheelbarrows, garbage can lids, tires, coffee cans)
  • Stop overwatering (if water stands in the same place for more than 5 days it could be making mosquitos)
  • Fill in low spots that hold water (Fields and yards)
  • Make sure water drains properly (If water is moving it’s not producing mosquitos)

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