Commissioner’s Report 33

May 15, 2017

Suicide Awareness

Recently, there was a dinner that was held in Huntington at Millers Landing that was about Suicide Awareness.

A local of Huntintgon, Tammy Oviatt,  presented a business that she is working on called Take Five that will be a part of Gordon’s Nursery. She explained that she had the thought to do this when she lost her son. The area will include a walking park, benches, animals and ponds to help people take five minutes, regroup, and be able to get back to life feeling refreshed. It will be free of charge and that she is hoping to bring in rescue animals and let people help with the care of the animals.

Representative Eliason presented about suicide and stats within Utah. He started with a Youtube video. I have some notes from his presentation that I wanted to share. He said that for every completion there are 25 attempts. There is no single cause, but multi-intersecting factors. For many, they feel like a burden on friends and family. The manic that proceeds a suicide or attempt last about 15 minutes. During those 15 minutes, he said that a crisis has been reached, they are desperate to escape pain and thinking becomes limited.

We should assume that we are the only ones who are going to reach out. The number one reason for rural being so high with suicides is the lack of access to help. To the right is an image for “Safe UT” it is a chat/crisis line and an app that could help save someone’s life.

Bottomline, just listen. You could save a life.


Spring UAC Meeting – Federal Bills

There was a panel of representatives from state and federal offices. Cody Stewart talked bout the number of bills before congress. He said that, on a ten-year average, 6000+ bills are introduced,  154 are passed into law, and that there is an average of 36 regulations per bill.

He followed that up with how to be effective with a bill: 1 have a strategy, 2 have realistic expectations, 3 persistent follow-up, and 4 prioritize.

Left to right: Chaffetz Office, Wade Garrett; Lee’s Office Ryan Wilcox; Stewart’s Office, Brian Steed; and Mayor’s Office, Cody Stewart

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