What I would like to accomplish: Follow up

After I was sworn in in 2015 I was asked by Pasty Stoddard, of the Emery County Progress, for some thoughts on what you would like to accomplish as a commissioner. Here is a follow up on what I have done and what is yet to be accomplished.

Here they are (in no particular order):

This may be the one I was most passionate about, hence I have this website and facebook page. I appreciate those who have taken the time to read, comment, and reach out to me on various subjects. Please feel free to share with your friends and fellow citizens of Emery County! Work on being as transparent as possible. Letting the people of Emery County know what’s going on, giving them updates, and using social media. Along with being transparent is letting the people have a way to contact their elected officials for rants, raves or ideas. I believe that we will hear great ideas for Emery County from the people of Emery County.
This is one I am still working on, I am hoping to bring better light to what taxes are brought into the county and how and where they are spent. Transparency in taxation. I want to create an infographic on what monies the county takes in as fines, fees, taxes, PILT, and grants; then break it down into how and where it all is spent. I believe in taxation with representation, we should know where the goes. So we all can have the correct information.
Jordan Leonard, out Economic Development Director, has been great to work with. I continue to work with him to retain and expand the businesses we currently have and to actively pursue bringing new businesses to Emery County. I want to work with our economic development department to continue to move forward projects that are in play and work to make our county as attractive as possible to future business opportunities. With that, I want to work with the Emery County Business Chamber to help the businesses we have already in the county to grow and expand. We need to develop a more viable and diverse economy in our county.
In working with Shannon Hiatt, the Aquatic Center Director, I believe that the pool is being used more. We have a facebook page for the aquatic center; discount cards for showers, aquacise and lap swim; We are working to purchase a WIBIT with school district participation as part of a fundraiser for the swim team. I maintain that the government should not be in the business of running businesses. The Aquatic Center is a great facility, but it needs to be utilized more. I want to see it priced competitively with the pool in Price and to develop more activities at the Aquatic Center.
We have many great people who volunteer a lot of hours on behalf of the county and to them, I want to say a big, Thank You! We wouldn’t be able to accomplish those things on our own. I love that we have so many that care and want to be involved.

One thing we recently did as a commission was to approve county employee prices at the aquatic center for all those who volunteer on behalf of the county (e.g. Special Service District Boards, County Boards and Committees, EMS and Search and Rescue, etc.)

I want to continue working with and supporting the great people on the boards and councils the county has to further the efforts of our county.
I hope everyone realizes we are all in this together (cue the song from High School Musical). It’s true and I hope those who know me and read this know that I have been actively working as commissioner for the benefit of the whole county. With all this, I would like to help build a better unity throughout the county, we are one county.

As always, I would love your feedback on this and remember: be part of the solution.

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