Commissioners Report June 7, 2016

June 7, 2016

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SITLA Parcels

At the most recent Utah Association of Counties (UAC) conference I attended the issue of public lands was brought up, and that our rural counties are being choked economically by them. Sure there is tourism, but that should be a piece to the pie, not the pie. Our county is 92% public land, 92%. This gave me an idea. Since the federal government is very difficult, costly and untimely to work with, what if we moved SITLA parcels closer to our municipalities so that when the opportunity comes up there is land that is available that has to be sold at market value?

I have spoken to the County’s Public Land Council and now I am working on getting to all the city councils to present this idea. I have a time set to approach the SITLA board on this as well. Some of the concerns that have been brought up are over grazers and mineral lease permittees. As this process moves forward I will make sure that this process is as amenable as possible for everyone that it will affect.

Event Coordinator

Holly Jorgensen was contracted with about a month ago to be the County’s Event Coordinator and has hit the ground running. The best place to find out what events are going on in the county are to use the following:

Coal Moratorium Letter

new-doc-12_1As a commission we approved a letter to the Department of the Interior, Secretary Sally Jewel our thoughts regarding the three year moratorium on coal. In part it reads, “The likely result of the moratorium will be a lag in leasing, resulting in unavailable resources in the future as bureaucracy tries to catch up on demand. Secretary Jewel should scrap the moratorium and allow leasing and production to proceed while DOI slogs through the evaluation process.” Click the image to read the whole letter.

EPA Regional Haze Ruling

“Research shows [the mandated EPA controls] would do little to improve regional haze because of the chemistry at play in the region.” The National Parks that say our power plants cause their haze need to look in their own back yard, at the vehicles and the amount of people that visit the parks. They are the ones creating the haze not the power plants. If it were the power plants they would have seen a marked difference in haze with what they have already done. I am disappointed, not surprised, but disappointed.

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