Commissioners Report June 21, 2016

June 21, 2016

Rodeo2016County Fair and Desertview Pro Rodeo

The Emery County Fair and the Desertview Pro Rodeo is complete for another year. A big thank you to the organizers and volunteers. I hope you had the time to attend and had fun! We have set up surveys to be able to receive feedback from those who attended. Please fill out the surveys, we want to here from you!

County Fair Survey Desertview Pro Rodeo Survey

For updates and notices on current and future events in Emery County like the Emery County Events Facebook Page.

SITLA Parcels

In the last Commissioner’s Report I wrote about moving SITLA parcels in our county to surround our municipalities. I believe that there is and will be economic value in doing this. I have since met with the SITLA Board and they are in favor of this idea. There are a lot of moving parts that include grazers, mineral lease permittees, BLM, FS, SITLA, private land owners and the municipalities, but the PLI could speed up the process. In talking with Ray Peterson, Emery County Public Lands Director,  the PLI has 100,000 SITLA acres that are available to be moved around in our county. I will be working with the municipalities to figure this out and find where they would like the SITLA parcels and how close to their city limits.

Photo courtesy of Emery County Progress
Photo courtesy of Emery County Progress

Rocket Competition

This was the 11th year of the Experimental Sounding Rocket Association (ESRA) Rocket Competition near Green River. From their website they state, “ESRA hosts an intercollegiate engineering competition for rocket teams from all over the country and around the world. With a payload size of 10 pounds and target altitudes from 10,000 ft. to 23,000 ft. above ground level, rockets are typically 4 to 8 inches in diameter and 8 to 20 ft. long.” Their first year started with three teams. This year the competition saw 600 participants for 56 teams from all around the world including Canada, South Korea, Turkey, Egypt, India, and Brazil.

We are very grateful they come here and show off their engineering prowess with us and others.

For more information go to

Public Commenting

In many discussions and meetings with the various federal agencies it has become clear that the one of the reasons we are losing the fight against environmentalist groups is because we don’t make comments, let alone common sense comments on use the land, roads, whatever, when there is time to make comments. These federal agencies tend to make policy from the comments they receive.

Recently, there have been comment periods for regional haze, coal moratorium (PEIS), wild horses and burros, RS2477 roads, BLM policy 2.0 and others. Now there is the BLM Master Leasing Plan (MLP) for oil and gas.

  • Click here for a the project description.
  • Click here for a map of the area for the MLP.
  • Click here for the comment form for the BLM MLP or you can email your comments to
  • Closing date for the commenting period is July 1, 2016.

The BLM is looking for comments regarding air quality, climate change, wilderness characteristics, cultural, paleontological, wildlife/fisheries, soils/water, recreation, visuals, night skies, soundscapes, special status species, riparian, special designation, and vegetation.

Please take the time to make comments!

Additional Sales Tax Option for Roads (HB 362)

For those who are interested there are changes to FY 2017 B&C Road Fund Projections, all have gone up for the county and its municipalities. The commission has received resolutions from four cities regarding putting this proposition on the ballot to be voted on in November. Below are the estimated revenue from the .25% increase in sales tax in Emery County. These moneys will be used to build and maintain roads, and trails that connect to the cities.

 Entity  FY 2015 B&C Distribution  Estimated FY 2017  Increase from FY 2015 B&C Distribution (HB 60)*  % Increase from FY 2015
 Emery County  $ 1,593,159  $ 2,866,105  $ 1,272,947  79.90%
 Castle Dale  $ 77,895  $ 83,169  $ 5,274  6.77%
 Clawson  $ 12,034  $ 12,740  $ 706  5.86%
 Cleveland  $ 27,750  $ 29,402  $ 1,651  5.95%
 Elmo  $ 26,370  $ 28,553  $ 2,183  8.28%
 Emery  $ 33,849  $ 35,335  $ 1,485  4.39%
 Ferron  $ 83,556  $ 88,982  $ 5,426  6.49%
 Green River  $ 65,109  $ 70,995  $ 5,887  9.04%
 Huntington  $ 101,149  $ 108,696  $ 7,547  7.46%
 Orangeville  $ 68,035  $ 72,884  $ 4,849  7.13%
 Municipal Subtotal  $ 495,747  $ 530,755  $ 35,008  7.06%
 Countywide Total  $ 2,088,906  $ 3,396,860  $ 1,307,954  62.61%

* Based on FY 2017 B&C Fund estimates from the Utah Department of Transportation

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