Year End Review 2015

Year one of my first term is over and I wanted to review what I have done as a Commissioner of Emery County. Most of it you can review in my posts under “Commissioner Reports”.

I recently found a note from when I was campaigning that stated the commissioners purpose is to “make sure that Emery County citizens have input into how the county operates and spends it’s money.” I have tried to make sure through facebook and this website you can know what I am working on and that you can contact me however and whenever.

Here are some highlights and maybe some lowlights:

County Feedback Form

Aquatic Center

  • There is now a Facebook page for the pool. Click here to like the page>
  • There is now a punch pass for aquasize, lap swim and showers available. 10 punches for $25
  • There is now a family night, where on Monday evenings everyone is $2 a person to swim.
  • We are currently working on events to be held at the aquatic center.


  • We’ve been engaged with UOT (Utah Office of Tourism) and Roger Brooks to create strong marketing plan and material to bring people here to spend money.
  • This next year look for new websites, wayfinding signage in towns and on trails, and marketing material to bring and keep people here.
  • We have started a local business discount card that we are hoping will help people want to stay and spend more money in our county.
  • The tourism board has approved a grant for TRT and TRCC collecting business for them to increase their curb appeal.

Public Lands Initiative

  • Rep. Bishop and Rep. Chaffetz are still working on the language of the bill. We have met several times over the last year and we are told that Rep. Bishop is going over the proposed bill line by line so it’s the way he likes it and then he will let us review it and make sure its to our liking.

Wild Horse and Burros

  • Wild horses and burros continue to be a problem for the county and our ranchers. The BLM are asking for comments on their environmental assessment to remove burros from our county.
  • Click here for a pdf> from the BLM on the problem they are having with the WHB

JRI (Justice Reinvestment Initiative)

  • The JRI was approved by the State Legislature last year. We have been watching how it was going to develop. The idea with this law is to stop recidivism, people going back to jail. It lowers drug offenses from felonies to misdemeanors and because of that some of these offenders will go from being held in state prison to county jails. Placing more burden on the counties to house them.
  • Here is a good article from the Emery County Progress> on the JRI with quotes from our sheriff

Economic Development

  • County performance based incentives will be available this year for businesses looking to expand, or relocate to Emery County.
  • We have been working with GOED (Governors Office of Economic Development) to make the Rural Fast Track Grant more attainable for the businesses in our county. We should hear good things form the state on this change.
  • Working with the state on adding the infrastructure of natural gas to areas of our county.
  • Mines have closed, significantly reducing jobs to our county and mineral release monies. The mineral release monies help fund our county’s special service districts. However, at the end of last year Consol Mine was sold with the anticipation that it will open and start producing coal.

I am sure there are things that I have missed just sitting here and typing. If there is a question you have let me know. Click here for the contacts page>

We have a lot of people that do some really good work for the county, not just in the government of the county, but also our boards and committees, city governments, and supportive people and businesses in our county. Look for ways to help, improve and support our county. I look forward to 2016.

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