Flye Canyon Fire Update

Wildfire Update – Fly Canyon Fire 

Updates will only be released as future significant events occur on the fire. This will be the Last Update. 

Fire Summary:  The Fly Canyon Fire sustained over 1¼ inches of precipitation in the past 2 days; this has extinguished most of the fire. It is estimated to be 2,866 acres. A helicopter will be reseeding affected areas, including Potters Pond Campground and steep hillsides within the watershed.  A falling team will also be removing hazard trees in the area.

Although it has been only marginally noticeable, the potential for fire activity still exists.

Due to the recent cooler weather and precipitation over this lightning-caused fire, fire behavior and activity has decreased considerably; however, this does not mean the fire is out.  It is expected that extended rain and snowfall will completely extinguish this fire.  Until that time, crews will continue to monitor the fire. Continue reading Flye Canyon Fire Update

Commissioners Report 9-20-16

September 20, 2016

Fairs and Festivals

Peach Days and Melon Days just finished up this last week and both were very enjoyable.

Continue reading Commissioners Report 9-20-16

Senator Lee & Hatch Press Release


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Lee, Hatch Introduce the Utah National Monument Parity Act

WASHINGTON – Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT) and Orrin Hatch (R-UT) introduced the Utah National Monument Parity Act, Tuesday, a bill that would extend the same Antiquities Act protections Wyoming now enjoys to Utah.

“New Yorkers would not appreciate it if Utahns came in and told them what they could and couldn’t build in Manhattan,” Sen. Lee said, “and Utahns don’t like it when out of state special interest groups tell us how to use our land either. Over 50 years ago the state of Wyoming was granted protections from Antiquities Act abuse in their state, and all Utahns are asking is for that same protection to be extended to their state,” Lee finished. Continue reading Senator Lee & Hatch Press Release

Commissioners Report September 6, 2016

September 6, 2016

ChaffetzStaffLast week I was invited to show Representative Chaffetz staff around our county. Once a year Jason Chaffetz takes his DC and Wasatch staff through his district to show them what they are fighting for. I met them at Black Dragon with Ray Petersen, Randy Johnson and Kim McFarlane. We also visited Buckhorn Wash and the Wedge and topped it all off at Fatty’s for a late lunch.

SolutionsSummitAlso, last week I was able to attend the Solutions Summit. Some of the key note speakers at the summit were Senator Lee, Governor Herbert, Vice President Candidate Mike Pence and Carly Fiorina. The Solutions Summit focuses on jobs, industry trends and educating for the workforce. Senator Lee mentioned that he has introduced a bill he calls the Higher Education Reform and Opportunity (HERO) Act. The bill that expands higher education opportunities for low-income and middle-class students and families, by opening up the federal accreditation system to state-based alternatives. I look forward to learning more about this bill. Continue reading Commissioners Report September 6, 2016

Chafftez Office Rural Update August 2016

Jason_ChaffetzThis is not an official statement from Representative Chaffetz. It is an update of things that he and his office are working on and want to make his constituents aware of.

The Public Lands Initiative: On July 14, Congressman Bishop and Chaffetz formally introduced the Utah Public Lands Initiative (PLI) legislation for consideration by the US House of Representatives. Included in the bill is a revamped 1.4 million acre plan for the Bears Ears region. A partner bill was also introduced to complement the Utah Public Lands Initiative by ensuring land use certainty in seven Utah counties. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) will sponsor the companion legislation in the Senate. More info, including the PLI bill text, is available at There you will also find a summary of the bill and key changes, a thorough overview of the Bears Ears region, maps depicting the involved lands, and a listing of supportive statements from various organizations and individuals.

Recently, Reps. Bishop & Chaffetz and Sens. Orrin Hatch & Mike Lee sent a letter to Interior Department Secretary Sally Jewell highlighting the legislative strategy and next steps for PLI. Continue reading Chafftez Office Rural Update August 2016

Commissioners Report August 23, 2016

August 23, 2016

We had our meeting in Green River today. Before the Commission Meeting was Board of Equalization (BOE). BOE is a mechanism where a you can come and contest the value your property has been assessed. We had a couple come in today in Green River. There is BOE set up in the Castle Dale office from 9a-12p tomorrow.

Mike Olsen, County Attorney, stated in his report that he has been working on a draft agreement that he will present to the commission in our next meeting for the Robotics Club to use the old Weed and Mosquito building. I mention his report because Rob Murray has been working with Jordan Leonard and the School District to have a Robotics Club in our county. Rob was at Green River High School today talking with the Principal about the club and he mentioned it went really well. Continue reading Commissioners Report August 23, 2016

Senator Lee’s Visit to the Hunter Plant


Last week I had the privilege of visiting the Hunter Plant and the Sufco mine, two of the many sites in our state where hardworking Utahns know all too well the hardships created by regulatory overreach from Washington, D.C. The Hunter Plant is being forced to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to comply with misguided regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), while the Sufco mine continues to wait for the Bureau of Land Management to approve the Greens Hollow coal lease. These are not just places where people work long hours to support their families – they are the cornerstone of Utah’s economy. For my entire life I have benefited from coal-fired electricity. Whenever I flip on a light switch the lights turn on. That is because coal provides Utah with about three-fourths of its electricity. Coal is affordable, reliable, and cleaner than ever. Yet for decades, and increasingly under President Obama, federal regulators, like those at the EPA, have imposed one regulation after another on America’s coal country, in Utah and across the nation. The federal bureaucracy’s relentless and aggressive war on coal can mean one thing: the Obama Administration wants to dismantle Utah’s electricity sector and has no concern for the human consequences. We did not ask for this. Continue reading Senator Lee’s Visit to the Hunter Plant

Commissioners Report August 2, 2016

August 2, 2016

I will have a lot today since I missed last commission meeting’s Commissioners Report. So let’s get going, shall we?

County Economic Development Strategy

I was able to schedule time with the Mike Mower from the Governors Office, Governors Office Economic Development (GOED), and the Department of Energy. Jordan and I visited with them last Wednesday and I am hoping this will be a start of many meetings with them. Items that we discussed were alternative uses for coal, SITLA, natural gas projects, the fiber optic network we have in the county, support businesses for our growers and grazers, and possible aerospace projects.

Castle Valley Pageant

This is the last week for the Castle Valley Pageant, tonight through Saturday night. Make sure that you hit the lamb fry before the pageant in Castle Dale. The pageant wont be back for another two years so make sure you share it with friends and family.

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Summer Sidewalk Jamboree

Also this Friday and Saturday, August 5-6 there is a Summer Sidewalk Jamboree. Brought to you by the Emery County Business Chamber. It looks like it will be good fun.

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Department of the Interior Secretary Sally Jewell

As DOI Sally Jewell was making her way to Bluff, UT for a public hearing on Bears Ears (read more about that here) she stopped and met with elected officials, public land council members and the public and then toured Emery County. We were able to explain to her what we have gone through in our Public Lands process. We met for about 45 minutes and then headed out to The Wedge, Buckhorn Wash and Swinging Bridge as she headed for Grand County. Continue reading Commissioners Report August 2, 2016

Letter from Senator Hinkins

Letter sent July 19, 2016

Friends and Neighbors,

I hope you all had a wonderful Independence Day! This past month has been an eventful one.

One of the significant but quiet events was the unveiling of Representatives Bishop and Chaffetz’ Public Lands Initiative (PLI) crafted over the last several years, with much thoughtful input from local and state officials. Senate Majority Leader Ralph Okerlund spoke for all of us when he commented, “Land management decisions should always be local decisions.  People in my district like the Public Lands Initiative because of the inclusive process and balanced result.  We plan to use our land, as careful stewards, in a manner that will benefit our families now, and for all the generations that follow.”

Senate President Wayne Niederhauser added, “The sweep of world history shows that centralized government control has led to environmental disaster more often than it has ever led to preservation. Utah legislators support the Public Lands Initiative because it respects local expertise, local processes of self-government, and local citizens.  The rightful stewards of land are those who live close to it, and who will live with the results of their decisions for years to come.”  The Utah Legislature has passed two resolutions in favor of the PLI process. It’s a balanced bill that has come at the end of a remarkably inclusive process, so I hope you’ll give the congressmen your support on this piece of legislation. Continue reading Letter from Senator Hinkins

Bears Ears

On BearsEarsSaturday, I was able to attend a public hearing that was based around a possible Bears Ears National Monument designation or supporting the process of the Public Lands Initiative (PLI) and designating the Bears Ears as a National Conservation Area (NCA).

Before Department of the Interior (DOI) Secretary Sally Jewell made it to Buff, UT, she met with elected officials, public land managers and the public and toured Emery, Grand and San Juan Counties. Emery was first on Wednesday, where we were able to explain to her what we have gone through in our Public Lands process.

The 10th Amendment states, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectfully, or to the people.” Even though, DOI Secretary Jewell was here listening to the people, I feel a designation by the President through the Antiquities Act would be overreach by the Executive Branch. Anything like this should start and end with the local people. Continue reading Bears Ears